Xray - year in review and look ahead

Curious to discover more about Xray Enterprise and Test Case Designer?

Last year was significant for us, so let's reflect briefly. As one of the key milestones, we released Xray Enterprise - a comprehensive solution for test management challenges, blending powerful features with user-friendly functionality. It is especially beneficial for larger companies with high scale and complexity of the development operations.


Here are other noteworthy numbers/metrics:



2023 review: New features and improvements


1. Test Case Versioning 

Test cases are not static - they evolve when requirements change, or improvements are made to the application under test. Test case versioning is a powerful feature that can help you manage your test specifications - create, compare, restore, etc. - more efficiently and effectively. 

This feature is especially critical for large enterprises in highly regulated industries as Xray Enterprise streamlines test case management across different test types and helps you maintain the highest standards of quality and accountability.


2. Dynamic Test Plans

This highly requested Xray Enterprise feature allows users to create and keep their test plans seamlessly updated. You can now define a custom JQL filter that supports more complex and flexible conditions, and then all tests matching the filter will be added automatically to the Test Plan by Xray. That way, Dynamic Test Plans are always up-to-date with the latest changes in your test cases, which is especially helpful in large-scale projects with many moving parts.



3. Remote Jobs Trigger

Effective automation is a crucial aspect of enterprise success - to support it, we introduced the ability to trigger pre-configured remote jobs directly from an Xray Enterprise Test Plan or Test Execution. That noticeably improves tester performance and streamlines the workflow.


Further, with the parameterization support for automated tests now available, you can minimize redundancy, reduce execution effort, and increase your test coverage.


4. Advanced Rule Handling in Test Case Designer

With this new Xray Enterprise Test Case Designer feature, you can more easily create dependencies among any parameters, which will help you save time and improve your testing efficiency. Our users highly requested this feature, who must define complex rules for their test cases. It also allows you to apply our tool to workflows with many conditional parameters.



5. Cloud Migration

As you think about your goals for 2024, and if you’re still using Jira and Xray Server or Data Center, placing the Cloud migration at the top of the list is a solid strategic choice. 

The release of Xray 7.4.0 is a game-changer for organizations transitioning to the Cloud. It offers a suite of features that dramatically streamline and simplify the migration process - namely comprehensive planning tools, greater control over the migration process, and the revamped "Cloud Migration Pre Flight Checker."

Also, Xray and Xray Enterprise are now Cloud Fortified by Atlassian, so your journey will be secure, stable, and scalable!


Xray success cases

Numerous organizations of different sizes are already reaping the benefits of using Xray. Here are a few success cases to highlight:


We truly appreciate our customers' trust in the Xray family of products. It allows us to remain dedicated to empowering QE teams and delivering industry-leading solutions.

Stay tuned for more detailed product updates! 


In the meantime, if you have recently joined the Xray product family, welcome!  Our documentation portal and the Academy will help you quickly become proficient.

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