Pressure to deliver and release faster

Siloed testing puts quality at risk
When QA teams work separately from development, testing stays in a silo and quality suffers. Legacy test management tools and Excel no longer cut it. Buggy releases damage your reputation and you run the risk of never recovering from that.
Scattered efforts for testing
Complex testing requires many different tools working together, from performance testing to automation and security. With scattered test results, you never have a complete picture of your test coverage and readiness to deploy.
Slow releases and lack of automation
Tech companies can’t afford to take risks with buggy releases. Legacy test management tools’ lack of support for automation hold you back from automating. Without an easy way to automate your testing, you risk slow releases and unexpected failures.


Win the race to market

Build a reputation for Quality

Collaboration between developers and testers becomes second nature when they’re united under one toolset - Jira and Xray.  Don’t risk your reputation by using tools that live in the past. Xray integrates with Jira, the leading software project tracking in the market. 


Collaborate under one tool stack

Break through quality barriers Xray’s extensive technical partnerships that allow you to customize your testing suite with performance, security and BI tools, all centralized in one place. Visibility into all of your testing gives you a complete picture of your software quality. 


Automation and speed at your fingertips

Xray’s Rest API and integrations with leading test automation frameworks and CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Bamboo and GitLab, put you in control of automation. Choose the tools that work best for your team and maximize your effort by automating tests to speed deliver. 


Start developing better software together