Don’t let manual testing slow your momentum

Lack of scalability
Lack of scalability
Manual, repetitive tests can be hard to scale and slow your performance. That’s because when testing lags behind development, you’re always playing catch up which slows your release cycles.
QA always plays catch up
QA always plays catch up
Scrambling to test before critical releases and never seem to have enough time for extensive test coverage? Without automation, your team spends too much time on executing repetitive tests which slows your momentum and delays releases.
Poor coverage and slow deployments
Poor coverage and slow deployments
Manual testing slows your test executions and requires unprecedented effort and resources. As your product becomes more complex, manual testing can’t keep up with the rate of testing needed to deploy and deliver at a competitive speed.

Fast, reliable, automated.

Centralize automation requirements

Track your automation results in Xray and Jira with our powerful Rest API that connects with automation frameworks and captures automation results. The native connection between your requirements in Jira and tests in Xray unlocks coverage and centralizes automation visibility and actionable insights in one place.


Hook automation into your CI/CD

Xray integrates with leading automation frameworks Cucumber, Selenium and JUnit to automate testing, so you can deploy at supersonic speeds. Easy integrations with CI tools like Jenkins, Bamboo and GitLab hook your automation right in your CI/CD pipeline.


Unlock native support for BDD

Put collaboration at the forefront of your work with BDD which helps testers, developers and business analysts write user stories using Gherkin, a simple non-technical language. With Xray, you can easily map user stories using BDD, and automate using Cucumber - right from Xray.