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  • Premier Partner


    Beecom AG is one of the first Atlassian partners worldwide and has been offering collaboration solutions based on Atlassian products for over 16 years. Today Beecom AG, as a Platinum Solution Partner, is one of the leading Atlassian Experts and provides its customers with a comprehensive total solution of integrated products and services in the Atlassian ecosystem. As a reliable partner for all aspects of digital collaboration, Beecom AG provides an all-around service in the areas of consulting, development, licensing, and hosting of Atlassian products for all industries and team sizes. Beecom AG accompanies its customers optimally through extensive project planning, consulting, and training to the desired success.

    Services: Consulting; Implementation; Integration with custom in-house Frameworks; Migration; Training.

    Location: Switzerland

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  • Premier Partner


    K15t mission is to amplify the Atlassian experience for everybody by providing innovative apps and services that extend Atlassian’s products in over 5000 organizations worldwide. The Scroll Apps for Confluence help teams modernize how they author and manage content and documentation, while Backbone Issue Sync for Jira enables project collaboration across departmental and B2B boundaries. Their Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner services help clients get the most from Atlassian products for over 300,000 users worldwide.

    Services: Consulting; Implementation; Training.

    Location: Germany

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  • Premier Partner


    Methoda is an Atlassian Platinum Enterprise solution partner. They have a team of Xray experts that provide end2end solutions for test management. They’re specialized in Automation, Agile and exploratory testing and provide Xray training for User/Admin, Integrations, Migrations, Test Monitoring and Control using EazyBI, Custom built automation, ongoing implementation, and support.

    Services: Consulting; Implementation; Integration with custom in-house Frameworks; Test Automation; Training.

    Location: Israel

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  • Premier Partner


    Valiantys is the leading global consulting and services firm dedicated to Atlassian. They accelerate business transformation by digitizing processes and modernizing teamwork, using the best Agile methods and tools. Their Atlassian technical expertise is unparalleled and they support their customers across the entire spectrum of their projects on those platforms. Because teamwork requires more than just tools, they help them bridge the gap between their applications and strategic practices such as SAFe and ITIL.

    Services: Consulting; Implementation; Test Automation; Training.

    Location: Belgium; Canada; France; Netherlands; Switzerland; United Kingdom; United States. 

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  • Emerging Partner


    Abano is a specialized Atlassian Solution partner, implementing Atlassian Tools at different international clients. Provide professional services which range from installations and configurations to optimizations, best practices, and training.

    Services: Implementation; Integration with custom in-house Frameworks; Training

    Location: Belgium; Germany; Luxembourg; Netherlands; United Kingdom.  

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  • Emerging Partner


    Acial is a French-based company providing consulting and professional services in software testing. They deliver projects including manual testing, automation, mobile & performance testing, agile and DevOps testing, on-premise or through their testing Service Center in France. They also, provide test training and certifications in their “Université du Test” and continuously increase their know-how thanks to partnerships with international boards like ISTQB and major software test tools providers.

    Services: Implementation; Migration; Training. 

    Location: Belgium; France; Germany; Italy; Luxembourg; Monaco; Spain; Switzerland. 

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  • Emerging Partner


    Actonic is an agile IT consulting company. They accompany their customers from digitalization to digital transformation. Solutions for building efficient IT infrastructures, implementing process optimization as well as their products, that are based on the most advanced technologies and offer customers real added value.

    Services: Implementation; Integration with custom in-house Frameworks; Test automation; Training. 

    Location: Cyprus; Germany; Poland; Russia. 

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  • Emerging Partner


    Arctic Group is an IT services firm from the north of Sweden that has worked with Atlassian products since 2006 within the public and private sectors. They offer training, custom development, consulting, installation, and performance tuning across the Atlassian suite.

    Services: Consulting; Implementation; Integration with custom in-house Frameworks; Training. 

    Location: Sweden

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  • Emerging Partner


    Axelerant is a technical delivery partner that helps agencies create exceptional digital experiences for clients. With over 8 years of history engineering solutions with leading agencies and big brands, and a reputation in Open Source for being a values-driven, people-first company—Axelerant is a go-to resource for agencies that need to close more the right deals, deliver great work, and faster. Their in-depth capabilities span large implementations and integrations, complex Drupal engineering, Quality Assurance, Front-End, and DevOps. Axelerant delivers these solutions via managed staffing, end-to-end projects, and flexible support services with an intense focus on customer success and fostering long-term relationships built on trust.

    Services: Consulting; Implementation; Test Automation; Training.

    Location: United States. 

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  • Emerging Partner


    Bit2bit, Atlassian Platinum Enterprise solution partner, is a company dedicated to solving the needs of its customers through technological solutions based on software and consulting. They were born in 2011 in Peru and, as a result of our continuous growth, to this day, we also have offices in Colombia, Mexico, and the United States and have clients in 27 countries.

    Services: Consulting; Implementation; Test Automation; Training. 

    Location: Colombia, Mexico; Peru; United States.

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  • Emerging Partner


    Blended Perspectives has been an Atlassian Partner since 2007. An Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner and an authorized Training Partner in the USA and Canada. With a rich blend of experience and deep knowledge of Atlassian technology, they are able to provide a full range of cost-effective services and solutions. These include beneficial licensing terms, as well as specialized consulting, training, and best practice support focused on Atlassian Products. Their expertise includes Agile, SDLC, Program Management, ITIL/Service Desk Support/Jira, Confluence, Atlassian Toolset, Bitbucket.

    Services: Consulting; Implementation: Integration with custom in-house Frameworks; Migration; Test Automation; Training.

    Location: Canada; United States.

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  • Emerging Partner


    Bytesource is a leading specialist in team collaboration solutions based on Atlassian and, a highly recognized expert in agile software development, DevOps, and technical consulting. Bytesource is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner Enterprise, and implements, optionally with Linchpin, customized solutions for team collaboration.

    Services: Implementation; Migration; Test automation; Training.

    Location: Austria; Germany; Switzerland.

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  • Emerging Partner


    Column is serving clients across the globe for DevOps, ALM,  ITSM, APM, Test Case Management & CI/CD with experience of two decades. Column has a long history of delivering service solutions and believes any solid implementation is rooted in a fair and appropriate balance of process, technology, and organizational readiness. From analyzing requirements to installation, configuration, and testing, through to delivery, you can rely on them for smooth implementation of Atlassian Tools.

    Services: Implementation; Training.

    Location: India.

    Contact Column

  • Emerging Partner


    Contribyte helps organizations to take advantage of their full potential in developing digital solutions and products. Their specialty is to provide holistic help for product and service development, product development, and business-driven portfolio management. Future product development organizations are built through operational efficiency, subjective and objective quality, customer and business understanding, and… happy people. For holistic help, Contribyte also provides services on Atlassian implementation, training, hosting, and maintenance.

    Services: Implementation; Integration with custom in-house Frameworks; Training.

    Location: Finland

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  • Emerging Partner


    CTG is a global consultancy company delivering professional services in development, testing, IT service management, and regulatory compliance. We are specialized in software testing and can deliver all needed specialties: manual testing, test automation, performance testing, crowd testing, test tool integrations, agile and DevOps testing, training, certifications, etc. As an Atlassian partner, we also provide professional services around all the Atlassian products.

    Services: Implementation; Test automation; Training. 

    Location: Belgium.

    Contact CTG

  • Emerging Partner


    Demicon GmbH is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. Provides high-quality IT and consulting services. Clients benefit from the deep understanding of the Atlassian Toolchain – if needed in a scalable cloud infrastructure. From DevOps to NoOps and test automation – they know by heart that any organization needs a high performance IT. By understanding the needs and processes of their clients they are enabled by Xray to provide the best solutions. Technical consultants support their clients with many years of professional expertise with tools, methodologies (SCRUM, SAFe, ITIL, ITSM) and training.

    Services: Implementation; Integration with custom in-house Frameworks; Test Automation; Training. 

    Location: Germany; Switzerland

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  • Emerging Partner


    Donos values people over software. Involving teams and organisations in the changes always makes a new solution integration more successful. Sustainable digital transformations start with a strategy. Donos is an IT Consulting Company. They provide consultancy around ALM, Agile, DevOps.

    Services: Consulting; Implementation; Test automation; Training. 

    Location: France.

    Contact Donos

  • Emerging Partner

    XRAY-SITE-Partners-Logo-DSD (1)

    Dragonsoft is a trustworthy DevOps solution provider with over 15 years of technology and practice experience. Headquartered in Shanghai China, founded in 2006, with branch companies in Canada and Japan. With a strong team of Atlassian Platinum Certified Professionals, specialized in DevOps, Agile, CI/CD solutions. They provide Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket to the consumers. Dargonsoft aiming to provide the best services – System Implementation, Training, Upgrade, Data Migration, Customized Development, Operation, and Maintenance, etc. – to the customers. Enable their Development team to deliver software better and faster.

    Services: Implementation; Migration; Training.

    Location: Canada; China; Japan.

    Contact Dragonsoft

  • Emerging Partner


    Eficode is the leading DevOps company in Europe, driving the DevOps movement across seven countries with ideas that put customer value and team satisfaction on center stage. Today, Eficode transforms companies with unmatched DevOps expertise and solutions like the Eficode ROOT DevOps Platform, a DevOps Toolchain as a service. Eficode has over 15-years of experience in helping companies perform better with their Atlassian tools and it has been chosen as the Atlassian Partner of the Year in DevOps for a second year in a row. Eficode’s community of more than 300 professionals is building the future of software development together.

    Services: Consulting; Implementation; Integration with custom in-house Frameworks; Training. 

    Location: Denmark; Finland; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Sweden. 

    Contact Eficode

  • Emerging Partner


    Empyra is an Atlassian Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partner. Has 20+ years of enterprise consulting experience and has partnership alliances with Atlassian, Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, Xray, Riada, etc. Empyra is among the select list of Platinum & Enterprise-level partners of Atlassian in the United States. Specialized in providing enterprise-grade solutions and implementation with Atlassian products with a focus on systems integration, SDLC, ITSM, Agile & DevOps adoption, data migration, hosting, support, training, and maintenance. Empyra is also an Atlassian Marketplace vendor and authorized training partner.

    Services: Implementation; Integration with custom in-house Frameworks; Migration; Test Automation; Training. 

    Location: United States.

    Contact Empyra

  • Emerging Partner


    Identify services is a consultancy firm, operating at the business and IT level. They operate from a quality assurance perspective and their goal is to optimize business processes for their customers. The company helps customers to implement, accept and adopt IT systems and their consultants test software systems/applications and advise on Quality Assurance. Identify customers are medium-sized and large companies, in both the government and commercial sectors. Focus areas: Quality Assurance, Supply Chain Management, Testing and Commissioning, Digital Transformation (CI/CD, DevOps, Agile), and Innovation Management.

    Services: Consulting, Implementation, Integration with custom in-house Frameworks; Test Automation; Training. 

    Location: Netherlands 

    Contact Identify

  • Emerging Partner


    IWConnect is an IT consulting company with a mission to create outstanding value for its customers and empower them to Outsmart their Competition. They focus on integration solutions using MuleSoft, SnapLogic, TIBCO, AWS cloud, Microsoft technologies and provide outstanding QA testing, Business Support, and DevOps services. They can help you with the best productivity tools on the market.

    Services: Implementation; Integration with custom in-house Frameworks; Test automation; Training. 

    Location: Macedonia

    Contact IWConnect

  • Emerging Partner


    Jodocus is a full-service provider for Atlassian Systems. Their team combines more than 25 years of experience in building and running the solution their clients need. They’re Atlassian experts and know how to analyze and understand problems. Innovative and future-proof solutions are their passion and they always meet their customers at eye level.

    Services: Implementation; Training. 

    Location: Germany

    Contact Jodocus

  • Emerging Partner


    Kinetic Skunk aims to be the Strategic Software Quality Engineering Partner. Their partners are their clients. Partners’ Software Quality Objectives become their Software Quality Objectives. They place, the utmost importance and value on developing and nurturing these strategic partnerships built on Integrity, Trust, and Performance. They’re are driven by their passion for Engineering Software Quality. Their motto is “It is easy to be mediocre, but it takes courage to excel and we must excel” (Eddie Finnegan). They developed scalable Software Quality strategies that enable their clients to achieve their organizational Software Quality and Delivery goals at SPEED.
    Their strategies encompass paradigms such as Testability, Shift left, and Continuous Testing. These strategies integrate into any environment pipeline or effectively work independently.

    Services: Consulting; Implementation; Integration with custom in-house Frameworks; Test automation; Training.

    Locations: South Africa.

    Contact Kinetic Skunk

  • Emerging Partner


    MicroGenesis has experience of over 20 years and is known to deliver a perfect blend of experience, expertise, and engagement models to drive enterprise digital technology offerings across to their clients. Atlassian Gold Solution partner (soon to be Platinum) who has been providing consultation, administration, training, and managed services to clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies spread across the Globe. Their Atlassian expertise is combined with their in-house Quality Assurance and Testing Services offers great value to customers who are looking forward to administration, managed services, training, and in Xray and Xporter. 

    Services: Consulting; Implementation; Integration with custom in-house Frameworks; Training 

    Location: India

    Contact MicroGenesis

  • Emerging Partner

    XRAY-SITE-Partners-Logo-NagarroNagarro has more than 20 years of testing experience and a global team of 6,000 experts. The company is a strong partner in accelerating QA, test-automation and test-engineering approaches. Their team of top QA experts, automation architects and agile quality coaches is experienced in integrating Xray into existing test organizations as well as building transparent test approaches that speed up development.

    Services: Implementation; Integration with custom in-house Frameworks; Test automation; Training. 

    Location: Austria; Denmark; Germany; Norway; Romania; Sweden

    Contact Nagarro

  • Emerging Partner


    Obsidian QA is a professional services area of Obsidian Soft specialized in QA and automated testing for agile development teams, using tools such as X-Ray, Jira, Cucumber, Gherkin, or Cypress. Obsidian Soft is the software manufacturer of Obsidian, an intelligent monitoring platform for IT services consisting of an AIOps calculation engine, a business process modeler, and business value dashboards.

    Services: Implementation; Test automation; Training 

    Location: Spain; Portugal

    Contact Obsidian

  • Emerging Partner


    Ovyka has recognized expertise in IT Strategy and very strong references in innovation, collaborative solutions, and is an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner recognized by many of the biggest companies in Europe. Ovyka also has strategic partnerships with vendors such as Exalate, to help provide expert consulting and best practices for successful integration of their plugins.

    Services: Implementation; Integration with custom in-house Frameworks; Training. 

    Location: France

    Contact Ovyka

  • Emerging Partner


    PT. Mitra Integrasi Informatika (MII) is a subsidiary of the publicly listed PT Metrodata Electronics, Tbk. Widely recognized for its consistent to both Enterprise and Corporate segments, MII’s ICT service offerings range focus on Digital Transformation, from Infrastructure to ICT Managed Services, from System Integration to full-scale Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations, and from ICT Management to Consulting services based on industry Best Practices. Operating independently from its holding company, MII has teams of young and dynamic professionals with regular refreshed necessary knowledge and skillsets. It has also built strategic alliances with a number of national, regional, and global partners and technology partners that have a Digital Transformation vision, to strengthen its offerings.

    Services: Consulting; Implementation; Migration; Teste Automation; Training. 

    Location: Indonesia 

    Contact Mitra Integrasi Informatika

  • Emerging Partner

    XRAY-SITE-Partners-Logo-ReadinessIT (1)

    Readiness IT is acting as a digital transformation accelerator and enable people to achieve the next generation of digital experience. With successful digital transformations over multiple industries, and across the world, delivered through their Centers of Excellence (CoE).

    Services: Consulting; Implementation; Migration; Test Automation; Training.

    Location: Chile; Peru, Portugal; New Zealand.

    Contact Readiness IT

  • Emerging Partner


    Scandio GmbH is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner full of consultants and developers who are enthusiastic about technology. Based on their extensive know-how and many years of experience, they have been successfully developing customized solutions for their customers for 16 years.
    They offer Requirements Engineering, Agile Project Management, Atlassian Consulting, Managed Hosting or Services, and Cloud Strategy from a single source.

    Services: Consulting; Implementation; Integration with custom in-house Frameworks; Test Automation; Training. 

    Location: Germany.

    Contact Scandio

  • Emerging Partner


    Snapbytes is an official Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and Atlassian Top Vendor. Help organizations achieve and accelerate their: Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Agile, DevOps, Test Automation, ITSM (IT Service Management), ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), and BPM (Business Process Management).

    Services: Implementation; Integration with custom in-house Frameworks; Test Automation; Training. 

    Location: Turkey; United Kingdom.

    Contact Snapbytes

  • Emerging Partner


    Sopra Steria, a European leader in consulting, digital services, and software development, helps its clients drive their digital transformation to obtain tangible and sustainable benefits. It provides end-to-end solutions to make large companies and organizations more competitive by combining in-depth knowledge of a wide range of business sectors and innovative technologies with a fully collaborative approach. With 45,000 employees in 25 countries, In Spain, more than 4,000 professionals are part of Sopra Steria in different locations such as Spain, France, Norway, Germany, or Bulgaria.

    Services: Implementation; Training

    Location: Bulgaria; France; Germany; Norway; Spain. 

    Contact Sopra Steria

  • Emerging Partner

    Spectrum-Groupe-Xray-Partner (2)

    Spectrum Groupe is a consulting and services company. Specialized in managing collaborative platforms, agile projects, and shared service centers using Atlassian products and Marketplace add-ons. From solution design to end-user training and support, they help their clients build Jira-based ALM platforms and Confluence-based Intranets.

    Services: Implementation; Test automation; Training. 

    Location: France; United Kingdom

    Contact Spectrum Groupe

  • Emerging Partner


    Swarmit is a Swiss Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with project management know-how. Their consultants and Atlassian experts combine their experience in project management and test management with technical skills. Test automation within state of the art DevOps pipelines is one of their core disciplines. Also, offer Xray and testing training on-site or remote.

    Services: Implementation; Integration with custom in-house Frameworks; Migration; Test automation; Training. 

    Location: Switzerland

    Contact Swarmit

  • Emerging Partner


    Testifi’s goal is to massively speed up the process of large-scale software delivery in enterprise applications. A bias towards speed forces massive process optimization. They achieve this optimization through integration and automation, especially agile test automation at scale. They have a deep, real-time, integration with Xray and Atlassian products.

    Services: Implementation; Integration with custom in-house Frameworks; Test Automation; Training.

    Location: Germany.

    Contact Testifi

  • Emerging Partner

    XRAY-SITE-Partners-Logo-Transition (2)Transition Technologies PSC belongs to the Transition Technologies Capital Group which was established in 1991 and has been continuously expanding since then. Today they employ almost 2000 experts who develop and create state-of-the-art solutions for businesses. They provide services in areas such as Augmented Reality, PLM, IoT, Cloud, and Atlassian solutions.

    Services: Consulting; Implementation; Migration; Test Automation; Test Management; Training. 

    Location: Poland 

    Contact Transition

  • Emerging Partner


    Trundl is a Platinum Atlassian Solution Partner, with in-depth Atlassian deployment experience with customers such as Medtronic, Nissan, and UNICEF. Trundl brings not only experienced Atlassian engineers and developers, but also Solution Architects who were former product managers, scrum masters, and process engineers who are solid change management partners.

    Services: Implementation; Migration; Training. 

    Location: India; United States

    Contact Trundl