Scripted testing isn’t enough to deliver bug-free software

Unknown product risks
Unknown product risks
With over 100+ types of product risks, there’s an array of hidden discrepancies that could affect the quality of your systems. You can’t predict or explore all of the potential failures that could happen without deeply exploring your system.
Automation has limitations
Automation has limitations
Automation should never be your catalyst for testing. Automation has its limits because it tests only predefined tests and can’t adapt on the spot.
Rush to deploy compromises quality
Rush to deploy compromises quality
The rush to deploy software and stay competitive jeopardizes the quality of your systems. Exploratory testing helps you analyze your system from a user’s perspective.

Unleash your testing potential with Exploratory Testing

Unleash your team’s potential

Exploratory Testing hones in on your tester’s knowledge and experience coupled with technical skills and understanding of the systems, for a comprehensive quality check. Integrate exploratory testing in your wider test strategy for extensive quality control.


Test from a user perspective

Exploratory testing values human insights and intuition that you can’t reach with machines, automation and scripted testing. Use exploratory testing to explore your system through a user’s perspective to see how they interact with it in the real world.

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Get rapid feedback on Quality

Ready to make a release? Run an exploratory testing session and give rapid feedback. Use the Xray Exploratory App to capture, record and easily share your sessions with all team members. Keep your team moving with speed and agility towards ultimate quality.


Start exploring your systems and reduce product risks