Don’t let old-school legacy tools hold you back

Siloed development & testing
Siloed development & testing
For Financial Services using legacy test management tools or no test management tool at all, testing stays in a silo. When testing isn’t visible to both teams, quality suffers.
Rigid and slow processes
Rigid and slow processes
To stay competitive in the financial industry, you need secure, reliable and bug-free software. Don’t get held back by outdated methods of working. Xray’s functional UI keeps your tests organized so you can focus on testing and release software with confidence.
Pricey legacy tools stuck in the past
Pricey legacy tools stuck in the past
Gone are the days when your entire budget goes on legacy tools that lack new features and maintain old ways of working. With Xray, you can expect consistent product updates and new features based on user feedback - all at industry competitive value.

How Financial Services stay ahead of the curve with Xray

Powerful integrations for collaboration

As a part of the Atlassian ecosystem, join teams using Jira and Xray to stay on the forefront of collaboration. Take collaboration to the next level with Xray’s powerful Rest API to integrate with leading test automation frameworks like Cucumber, Robot Framework and Jenkins. 


Streamlined processes and compliance

Xray’s streamlined compliance processes help you meet industry regulations so you can easily share your historical data. Xray stays on top of security measures by meeting Atlassian’s Security Self-Assessment Program.


User-driven product development

The Xray team actively participates in the testing community. Our annual conference brings experts from the industry to discuss the latest developments in Quality. We evolve Xray through user driven feedback and we always stay laser focused on features that matter most to you.