How Xray empowered seamless test management and automation synergy for a Telco Provider

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The Company

The company is a leading provider of fixed and mobile telecommunications services, radiating excellence across Latin and Central America. With an illustrious track record stretching over 30 years, they offer services that connect roughly 45 million consumers, by a fiber-cable infrastructure reaching over 13 million residences. Beyond traditional telecommunication services, their diversified portfolio shines in the B2B universe, offering a spectrum of solutions, from cloud technologies to financial instruments and entertainment services.


The Challenge

Our client, a pioneering telco provider, faced a multifaceted testing and quality assurance issue. One of the major challenges they faced was the excessive use of various tools, resulting in a complex web of processes that affected team efficiency. Their testing methods were inconsistent, and workflows were fragmented, leading to scattered test data and making it difficult to centralize information and access it easily. Despite a strong preference for manual testing, the company realized that they lacked a solid strategy for automation.

Adding to these technical challenges were the dangers of losing information and the possibility of making mistakes when doing tests by hand. To find a solution, they turned to Xray, a powerful tool for managing tests. While Xray was good at handling manual tests, it couldn't do automated tests on its own, so they had to integrate it with OpenTest.

Integrating Xray with OpenTest was a learning curve. Both tools, known for their continuous enhancements and updates, demanded a synergy to unlock their full potential. Proper training sessions were initiated, ensuring teams could harness the best of both worlds seamlessly.

Meeting quality assurance and audit requirements added a layer of complexity. It was essential to capture intricate details of test scenarios, such as their timing and progression. Xray played a pivotal role in this, and with some added data, we ensured that the reports were thorough and accurate.

Xray's cloud version, though different from its Server/DC version, had its own set of benefits. The challenges that we came across with the solemn use of Xray were quickly fixed by the integration of OpenTest, showing that the two working together were the ideal fit for the client’s needs.


The Solution

In a world full of technology, combining OpenTest and Xray turned out to be the perfect solution for our client's complex problems. OpenTest, known for its flexibility and ability to handle web, mobile, and API testing, is a powerful open-source tool for automated functional testing. On the other hand, Xray excels in managing tests and making the testing process organized, automated, and report-friendly. Using these two tools together helped our client address issues like having too many tools and relying heavily on manual testing.

The integration of OpenTest and Xray was carefully done using cloud-based technology on the AWS platform, which is known for its robustness and security. This solution provided our client with a scalable and secure way to integrate these tools seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition from code deployment to generating reports.

In practice, the process began with testers creating test scenarios in Xray, which were then executed using OpenTest. The integration layer played a crucial role in automating various tasks, such as retrieving test data, starting OpenTest tests, and collecting and sending important data back to Xray.



Combining OpenTest and Xray brings significant benefits to software development and testing. By blending automated functional testing with robust test management, teams gain increased efficiency, broader test coverage, and faster product launches. This combination enhances the workflows of various roles involved in testing and project management:

Project Management

- Real-time Overview: Offering managers a panoramic, real-time snapshot of all testing endeavors, providing fresh insights into test trajectories, outcomes, and potential snags.

- Better Decision-making and Transparency: Furnishing managers with exhaustive testing intel, empowering them to allocate resources judiciously, set priorities, and evaluate release readiness.

- Compliance and Audit: Seamlessly uploading pivotal evidence and execution minutiae to Xray, appeasing compliance demands, and streamlining audits - a boon for highly regulated sectors.


Test Managers

- Streamlined Test Management: Entrusting Xray as the linchpin for test management, facilitating test orchestration, and granting a combined view of manual and automated test narratives.

- Improved Resource Utilization: Offering test managers a live feed into test execution scenarios, enabling them to finetune resource assignments and spotlight potential chokepoints.



- Smooth Workflow: Allowing testers to operate exclusively within Xray, circumventing the need to juggle multiple tools for test activations, thus trimming down manual reporting overheads.

- Enhanced Collaboration: Amplifying synergies between testers and other role-players like developers, managers, and stakeholders via comprehensive test data exchange and collaborative issue resolution, all housed within the Jira framework.


Overall, the synergy of OpenTest and Xray augments transparency, paves the way for streamlined operations, and cements solid collaboration between project managers, vital stakeholders, test overseers, and testers. This confluence emboldens decision-making, fulfills compliance mandates, and hones resource management, culminating in top-tier software quality and efficient project fruition.


The Results

Our partner played a crucial role in bringing Xray and OpenTest together. They have a lot of experience in automation and are known for using advanced technologies to drive digital changes. stands out because they have expertise in Cloud, DevOps, Robotic Process Automation, and Quality Assurance. They skillfully managed the complex process of integrating these two big testing tools. And to top it off, they are official partners with Xray, which means they really understand how to use the test management tool and make the integration work smoothly.

Their extensive experience in quality assurance and test automation allowed to bring best practices into this integration, creating an optimized testing process. Their expertise in AWS infrastructure, combined with their recognition as an AWS Select Partner, made them the leaders of this project. They used AWS services effectively to make sure the cloud environment was used to its full potential, making the integration scalable and efficient.

In's history of helping businesses in various industries, they have proven to be agile and forward-thinking, setting the standard for excellence. Their automation skills make them dependable partners for businesses looking to move forward. With leading the way, the combination of Xray and OpenTest exceeded expectations, providing a transformative solution tailored perfectly to the client's specific business needs.


In the constantly changing world of technology, bringing together Xray and OpenTest was a significant transformation for the telecom provider, and helped obtain a lot of benefits:

- Unified Testing Environment: The integration simplified the testing setup, preventing data leaks caused by using multiple testing tools separately.

- Embracing Automation: Automation reduced the chances of human errors, making the testing process more agile, efficient, and cost-effective.

- Improved Test Efficiency: The combination of automation and integration significantly reduced test execution time, leading to cost savings and faster issue detection, ultimately enhancing software quality.

- Cost Reduction: Faster testing and increased automation allowed for running more tests, leading to better bug detection and quicker, high-quality product releases, resulting in increased revenue.

- Enhanced Communication and Collaboration: The connection between Xray and OpenTest improved collaboration among team members, streamlining issue resolution and enhancing software quality.

- Increased Stakeholder Satisfaction: Stakeholders praised the seamless integration, noting improved productivity, better test coverage, faster bug detection, and increased customer satisfaction.


However, there were some challenges in this integration journey.

The combination of Xray and OpenTest faced limitations due to Jira’s Issue Automation suite, which hindered the integration from fully realizing its intended features. To address this, additional automation plugins for Jira were introduced to bridge the functionality gap and meet the unique testing and automation needs of the Telco provider.

Furthermore, while the team had a good understanding of Xray's APIs, the project required a deeper, more specialized knowledge, especially for uploading evidence in data-driven test executions. This nuanced understanding went beyond standard documentation and required navigating complex integration issues. Without this specialized insight, potential problems could have hindered the integration's success. Fortunately, the team's prior experience with Xray and comprehensive API knowledge allowed them to overcome these challenges, resulting in a successful integrated solution.


Achieving Seamless Integration with Xray: The Culmination of Vision and Execution

The journey of bringing together Xray and OpenTest was like composing a symphony, where each part played a crucial role in creating a harmonious result. This integration highlighted the importance of technological innovation, especially in the dynamic field of telecommunications. Despite ongoing challenges, merging these tools was a story of precision, adaptability, and efficiency.

Xray, at the center of this integration, was more than just a tool; it represented a forward-thinking strategy. Combining it with OpenTest symbolized transformation, providing the telco provider with a unified, flexible, and powerful testing environment. This alignment closed operational gaps, increased productivity, and enhanced overall software quality, leading to exceptional user experiences.

The challenges faced taught valuable lessons about the need for adaptability, deep technical knowledge, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Overcoming these obstacles demonstrated determination and expertise, reflecting the team's unwavering commitment to delivering the best solution.

The integration of Xray and OpenTest was more than a technical achievement; it showcased the power of vision, collaboration, and execution. It reinforced the idea that with the right tools, team, and determination, the complexities of the digital world can be navigated successfully. This project's success not only propelled the telco provider to new heights but also set a standard for integrations in the ever-changing technology landscape. In essence, it highlighted the transformative potential of a well-executed vision, driven by the capabilities of Xray.

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