How Xray transformed testing processes for a global leader in toll-based mobility solutions

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About the company

The company is a global leader in toll-based mobility solutions and services, providing innovative and reliable solutions for customers around the world. As part of its commitment to delivering high-quality products and services, the company recognized the need to modernize its testing process and improve overall efficiency.

The company has more than 600 employees, and many B2B customers across the world, as part of a global leader in highway concessions, helping millions of motorists travel seamlessly along some of the world’s most advanced and busiest cities and highways.

To achieve this goal, the company partnered with Ovyka, a Premier Partner for Xray in France. Ovyka worked closely with the company to implement Xray and transition from previous testing tools to the new solution. Thanks to the expertise and support provided by Ovyka, the transition was a success, allowing the company to achieve its goals of improving visibility, efficiency, and collaboration within its testing process.


The Challenge

Many teams within the company were utilizing standalone tools, which created significant challenges in effectively following their work. This was particularly true in the context of Jira tickets related to developments or requirements, as integrating these independent tools with the larger software development project in Jira proved to be difficult. This fragmented approach to testing also hindered overall visibility for management and program managers, who often found it challenging to access the previous solutions, which were deemed "too specific" to QA teams.

“Before the migration, there was no way to visualize at the same time the project management tickets, and their testing counterparts. Now we see everything at once, via the Traceability report”

Vincent Kopa - CEO at Ovyka


To address these concerns and improve the overall efficiency of the testing process, the decision was made to transition from their standalone test management tool to Xray. One of the key factors in this transition was the need for global visibility, reporting, traceability, and accountability.

With Xray test management, teams are now able to better track their progress and manage the testing process in a more streamlined and efficient manner. This has led to significant improvements in the visibility and transparency of the testing process, making it easier for management to monitor progress and identify areas where additional resources or support may be needed.



The Solution

The teams within the organization were able to quickly adapt to Xray following the transition from the standalone tool. This was largely due to the user-friendly interface, which made it easy to navigate the new tool and incorporate it into existing workflows. While there was some initial effort required to import tickets from the previous tool's format (complex XML trees), the flexible import formats supported by Xray made it easy to import the transformed data once the conversion was complete.

One of the key benefits of the transition to Xray was the ability for key users, managers, and program managers to gain direct insight into the testing process. Xray provides high-level reporting capabilities, giving these stakeholders greater visibility into testing progress, results, and issues. In addition, Xray offers a number of high-value features that were previously missing, including coverage and historical coverage analysis, bidirectional reports between requirements and tests, and exhaustive real-time traceability matrices.

The migration to Xray was a success, with all teams successfully transitioning from their previous solutions to Xray for Jira. This has led to a reduction in discrepancies between different solutions and a decrease in maintenance costs associated with managing multiple tools.


“None of the migrated teams reported any issue or missing feature once they migrated from the previous standalone testing solution ; but the biggest gain was for other team’s visibility into the testing process”

Vincent Kopa - CEO at Ovyka


The Results

With Xray, the organization now has a comprehensive and powerful tool for managing testing and tracking progress, fostering efficient collaboration and communication between teams, and helping to ensure the delivery of high-quality products to customers.

Overall, the transition from the previous tool to Xray has been a very positive step for the organization, providing teams with a powerful and flexible tool to manage testing and track progress. The improved visibility and transparency offered by Xray have allowed for better collaboration and communication between teams, while also supporting more effective decision-making by management. As such, Xray has become an integral part of the software development life cycle, helping to ensure that the organization is able to deliver high-quality products to its customers.


“We migrated a few thousand tests from the previous solution. This required a few days' workload for transformation due to their original format, but we were successful. We now have twice as many test tickets on the platform”

Vincent Kopa - CEO at Ovyka


The implementation of Xray was highly successful, with thousands of tests migrated from instances of the previous test management tool and the teams adapting swiftly. The company not only saved resources on maintenance, upgrades, and security but also achieved increased visibility for all teams, particularly team managers and product managers. The QA teams benefited from superior tooling in just a few weeks, with a seamless and painless transition that allowed them to use Xray without disrupting their processes. 


Transforming testing processes with Xray and Ovyka

The implementation of Xray revolutionized testing processes, empowering the global leader in toll-based mobility solutions to deliver high-quality products efficiently.

The partnership with Ovyka played a crucial role in this transformation, as the transition to Xray addressed challenges, improved visibility, and reduced discrepancies. With a user-friendly interface and powerful reporting capabilities, Xray has become an integral part of the organization's testing practices, facilitating collaboration and effective decision-making.

Overall, Xray has brought significant enhancements to the company's testing processes, enabling the delivery of superior products to customers.


About the Partner

Ovyka is an Innovation & IT Strategy counseling company based in Paris. As an Xray Premier Partner and an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Ovyka has recognized expertise and solid references in innovation and collaborative solutions by many of the biggest companies in Europe. Ovyka also has strategic partnerships with other vendors to help provide expert consulting and best practices for successfully integrating their plugins, and was the company behind the migration from a standalone test management tool to Xray for Jira.

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