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Traditionally, manual test management and automated testing generate independent quality reporting data that has to be either manually integrated in spreadsheets or programmatically via scripts and reporting tools. This process takes valuable QA time away from actual testing and can also create inconsistency and inaccuracy when reporting on release readiness due to both the lag time in combining data from both sources and general human error. Combined, these two problems can lead to significant quality deficiency in production releases.

Organizations that use Xray and Jira to manage their software development lifecycle (SDLC) rely on the visibility and transparency across development and quality activities provided by Xray. Implementing automated testing delivers benefits to testing capacity, but to avoid disruptions to visibility and collaboration across manual and automated quality, companies need a solution that offers integration to advanced and comprehensive automated testing.

Katalon is a platform that accelerates end-to-end software development by powering the authoring, execution, and insights of test automation across any app or environment, and flexibly integrates across a team’s architecture and processes. The platform supports automated testing for web, mobile, API, and desktop applications and enables CI/CD pipeline test execution with on-premises or cloud-based test execution for faster testing and release readiness.

The Xray-Katalon integration provides unified test execution reporting, helps current Xray users with manual testing, and offers the ability to leverage Katalon for test automation. 

With this integration, users are able to:

  • Use Xray as the central management tool for their manual tests
  • Use Katalon to author, manage, and run their automation tests
  • Connect their automation tests to their manual tests
  • Connect a Jira project and Xray project to Katalon platform
  • Push test results and execution artifacts to Jira as well as store them in Katalon TestOps

About the Integration

Xray’s Katalon integration addresses the challenges of integrating manual and automated testing processes by leveraging the combined strength of Xray’s test management and Katalon’s comprehensive test automation platform.

The Xray-Katalon integration connects Katalon’s TestOps module with Xray, connecting Jira tickets with the issue type identified as “Test Execution” and its related test cases, and linking these test cases with Katalon. 

The use cases best addressed by the integration include:

  • Linking individual manual and automated test cases – When users create an automation Test Case on TestOps they can link it to a Test Case on Xray. This allows users to view the progress and results of automated testing in their Xray tests' Jira view. Users author and manage their manual tests with Xray and then automate their tests with Katalon. 
  • Linking Katalon Test Runs with Xray Test Plans – Users can see the results of Katalon Test Runs in their Xray Test Plans on Jira. Users can also plan multiple tests to run together using Xray Test Plan. Linking the execution of a collection of tests from Katalon TestOps to Xray helps users effectively scale up their testing operations and reporting.
  • Linking Fixed Versions on Jira to Katalon Test Runs – Users can create a Test Run on Katalon TestOps and link it to a fixed version on Jira. The results of the Test Run are now reflected in Xray’s release readiness reports. Users can run Test Plans for different releases (for example, during regression testing). Linking test executions to specific fixed versions helps with release readiness reporting.


How it works

Configuring Xray integration in Katalon TestOps is simple. After signing in to Katalon TestOps, you just need to include your Jira URL and enable the Xray integration into your Katalon project.

Note that there are two main entities that are linked from Katalon TestOps to Xray:

  • Katalon Test Case - Xray Test Issue
  • Katalon Test Run - Xray Test Execution

Once linked, users can trigger (either automatically or manually) the push of execution results for those entities to Xray. Linking between the TestOps entities and Xray entities is established in TestOps' database and UI, as well as Xray’s issue descriptions. 

Additional information such as passed/failed status, fix version, evidence (screenshots), test case table, and test environments are also synced.



Seamlessly centralize manual and automated test results in a single source of truth

Don't waste any more time trying to manually integrate automated and manual test results via spreadsheets, scripts or reporting tools. The Xray-Katalon integration empowers your teams to quickly unify test results and increase collaboration with full visibility among detailed reports that can be built with Xray and Jira.

Use TestOps to automate your tests more efficiently and push the results back to Xray to leave no bugs behind. Increase user engagement and elevate overall customer satisfaction in each delivery with Xray and Katalon TestOps.

Want to see how the integration works?

On April 26th at 4pm CEST, together with Katalon, we’re hosting the webinar “Enhance Testing Visibility and Collaboration with Katalon and Xray”.

Join us and learn more about:

  1. How to manage your testing activities efficiently and effectively
  2. Benefits of the integration between Xray and Katalon
  3. Best practices for configuring both tools to get the most out of them
  4. Creating and managing test cases in Katalon TestOps
  5. Executing tests and synchronizing results with Xray
  6. Generating reports in Xray to gain insights into testing activities

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About TestOps and Katalon

TestOps is a set of cloud-based services developed by Katalon to help companies streamline software quality by continuous test execution and intelligent analytics.

Katalon is a modern, comprehensive quality management platform that enables quality assurance, DevOps and software teams of any size to deliver world-class customer experiences faster, easier, and more efficiently. Like their broad base of customers and their worldwide partner network, their team spans the globe. They have offices in Atlanta, Ho Chi Minh City, and New Delhi and support a remote workforce model in all other locations around the world. For more info about Katalon, please visit  

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