Xray and Xray Enterprise are now Cloud Fortified by Atlassian - Secure, reliable, and scalable!

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The Cloud Fortified Certification by Atlassian is awarded only to applications that excel in advanced standards for security, reliability, and support. This certification is crucial for mission-critical apps, where data security and system performance are imperative. It is a quality benchmark, signifying a product's dedication to delivering secure and dependable solutions.

A Cloud Fortified badge indicates that an app participates in all six of Atlassian's Cloud app security programs, provides 24/5 support (which Xray Enterprise takes to the next level with 24/7 support) and undergoes additional checks for service reliability and performance.

This milestone is a victory for Xray, and Xray Enterprise the #1 Jira-native test management app within the Atlassian ecosystem, highlighting our commitment to the highest security and quality standards for both offerings.

As the software development industry evolves, apps like Xray and Xray Enterprise play a pivotal role in shaping the future of quality assurance and testing. Our commitment to excellence drives innovation and ensures that Enterprise security and reliability remain at the forefront of this evolution.


Embrace excellence in test management with Xray

As we celebrate Xray and Xray Enterprise’s achievement of the Cloud Fortified Certification, it's essential to recognize the broader impact of this accomplishment. It's not just about an app’s journey toward excellence; it's a significant step forward for the entire field of software quality management. This certification highlights the growing need for robust, reliable, and secure tools in the software development process, a need that Xray and Xray Enterprise are committed to fulfilling.

Xray and Xray Enterprise offer a scalable, secure, and comprehensive solution for teams looking to enhance their software development lifecycle. Whether you're managing complex test cases, integrating various testing methodologies, or ensuring seamless collaboration within your teams, Xray and Xray Enterprise are equipped to meet these challenges.


Learn more about Xray and Xray Enterprise, by visiting Atlassian's marketplace. For more on the Cloud Fortified Certification, visit Atlassian's Trust & Security page.

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