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It’s here! Xray’s first Mobile App for Test Management in Jira just launched in the App Store!

With the Mobile App, you can quickly visualize your reports, track the most important projects and perform field testing on the go.
For modern managers, visibility into your team’s progress lets you proactively manage problems even when you can’t be at your desk.

You can “favorite” test plans, executions and pre-defined reports to make navigation easy. Need to create a new report? You can do that too.
The power of Xray is now in the palm of your hand. Download the Xray Mobile App in the iOS App Store to get started.

Let’s explore the functionalities and benefits of the XrayMobile App

Take Your Reporting On-the-Go

The mobile reports are easy and convenient to access out-of-office or away from a computer. This gives you real-time visibility into your team’s progress. Continuous insight into progress also helps you manage problems proactively and keep stakeholders in-the-loop.
Pedro Gonçalves is Co-Founder and head of Collaboration and Development Solutions at Xpand IT. He also oversees the development of Xray.
On average, Pedro answers more than 250 emails and has at least 5 different meetings each day, all while travelling between Xpand IT’s global offices.
Here’s what he says about the Xray mobile app:

I like that now I don’t need to open a browser or navigate through a bunch of screens in Jira to get to a report. I’m able to do these checks when I’m out of the office. In short, I’m doing things faster, more recurrently, and from my smartphone.”

Being able to check the status of testing anywhere and anytime is going to be a game changer for your reporting. With this in mind, there are 3 main reports that you can generate;

Overall Requirements Coverage

With the Overall Requirement Coverage Report, you can analyze the current status of your releases. You might want to analyze only the requirements implemented in a given version or analyze requirements from earlier versions based on your regression testing, on the mobile app you can do both.

Track requirements progress like you do using the Xray in Jira desktop app. Select the scope and generate the report. Once generated, you can drill down into the details.
The Overall Requirements Coverage Report provides the means to analyze your requirements statuses in real-time.


Test Executions Report

This report gives you an overview of test executions and their status, and enables you to evaluate some relevant metrics of Test Executions and compare them between different cycles.
When you generate the report, you can see a list of Test Executions with metrics related to each execution, including the test count per run status, per test type, overall progress and linked defects. To check the progress of your version or test plan executions, select the scope and generate the report.

We also know that you might need to access the same report, with specific filters over and over,  that’s why we’ve built a “ favorites ” feature.
With a 1-click “save”,  you can track the most important reports, executions, and test plans and never miss important information again. If you’re on your mobile device quick access to information is always a must


Traceability Report

This report enables you to follow the life of a requirement from its origin all the way through tests, test runs and defects. It facilitates analysis of the overall requirements coverage status. Check progress, tests, runs and created defects for a specific version or environment.
Besides being able to generate these 3 types of report, the app also has the capability of testing on the field.
Field testing can play a major role in improving the quality of your testing. With the mobile app, testers can run tests, change the status of test steps and most importantly add evidence.
Testers shouldn’t skip field testing because it checks the functionality and usability of your software in the real world. With Xray, testers can maximize the quality of their testing and execute their tests anywhere.


At Xray, we’re proud to lead the revolution in test management software.

We will always deliver innovative solutions, like the Xray Mobile App, that are more powerful, flexible and convenient.
Ready to get started? Get access to tests across your Jira projects and track the most important reports.

Download the Xray Mobile App for Test Management in the iOS App Store today and read more about our test management mobile app benefits and functions.

In the next months, we’ll be sharing more about the mobile app’s functionalities for field testing. You can subscribe to our newsletter for updates on future developments.

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