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Xray for Jira provided the common visibility it needed to monitor the quality of all deliverables.
- Hélène Nast, Enedis

About Enedis

Enedis manages the public electricity distribution network for 95% of continental France. Every day, 35,000 employees oversee the operation, maintenance and installation of nearly 1.3 million km of power lines.

The Challenge

French residences are equipped with different models of electricity meters, the most recent were from the ’90s. Linky is the newest generation of electricity meters that will be deployed across the entire French territory by 2021. This project involves the replacement of 35 million meters.

Linky is a “smart” meter, can send and receive data without the need for the physical presence of a technician. Installed in end-consumer’s properties and linked to a supervision centre, it is in constant interaction with the network.

Due to the extensive scope of the Linky project, with hundreds of employees working on 95% of the country’s residences, Enedis needed to get a broader and clearer view of the work performed by the different teams to ensure that the highest quality deliverables and the best customer experience are provided.

It was critical that every team tested each component before starting the system testing stage. Also, the test plan should quickly adapt to any modifications in the implementation scope.

The Solution

Enedis requires that all tests be executed consistently across all teams, and that the test details, including time, results and related subtasks, be readily available for the rest of the organization.

Xray for Jira was the Test Management tool selected to meet this challenge. Enedis believes Xray has the features and flexibility not just to execute the tests on every release, but to provide the test details the company needs to understand what failed and what succeeded in each version.


Enedis experienced increased team productivity. Xray for Jira provided the common visibility it needed to monitor the quality of all deliverables. Teams are able to see in real-time what other teams are doing, they are reacting faster to changes in the implementation plan, and everyone is in the loop regarding the status of all tests.

Xray for Jira is being deployed gradually throughout the various teams of the Linky project.

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