Xray for Jira Jenkins plugin got updated

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With the need of an easier integration between Jenkins and Xray for Jira, we launched in April a new and cool plugin.

This plugin belongs to the Xray for Jira ecosystem, where the focus is on providing the means for successful Continuous Integration, allowing the users to easily export Cucumber features, report automated testing results for many different automated testing frameworks and associate them with new or existing Tests, Test Executions, Test Plans, Test Environments, and more.

After almost one month and half of its first release, and in line with the feedback received from our clients, we're launching an update with some features that will improve the plugin functionality.

So what's new in Xray for Jira Jenkins plugin?

This new release brings us some improvements, from which we highlight these two:

  • Fix Version specification in the Import Results task: You can now define the Fix Version in the Test Execution whenever you import the results to Jira;
  • Support for Jira instances behind self-signed SSL certificates: Xray for JIRAiraJenkins plugin now enables the connection with Jira servers behind self-signed SSL certificates.

For more information about the Xray for Jira Jenkins plugin, please visit our documentation and give this new version a try :)

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