Xray Comparison

Explore and learn more about everything that separates Xray from its main competitors in test management for QA in Jira.

Top 3 reasons to choose Xray over Zephyr Scale

Explore and learn more about everything that separates Xray from its main competitors in test management for QA in Jira.

Accelerated efficiency with enterprise support for automated testing

With native support for BDD (Gherkin/Cucumber) and integration with multiple test automation frameworks, including JUnit, NUnit, Robot, Behave, Calabash, SpecFlow, Selenium and UFT Pro (LeanFT), there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t be automating.

Powerful Coverage Analysis and Test Environments for fast deployment

Xray’s unique capability of advanced coverage analysis gives you real-time statuses of the coverage of requirements on a given version, on a given plan and even on a specific environment, so you can quickly assess if requirements are validated and can be safely deployed.

The only tool that allows you to manage all your Tests as Jira issues

Xray’s tests are normal Jira issue types, allowing you to configure screens, workflows, and add custom fields to your testing related issues. With your Test Management natively integrated, your testers and developers are working on the same interface and can easily collaborate.

Xray vs Zephyr Scale Features

Xray Zephyr Scale


Create, view, edit, clone tests
Link to Defects and Requirements
Imbued Generic Automated Tests
Native Support for BDD /Gherkin/Cucumber
Preconditions for test cases
Re-use preconditions between test cases
Multiple preconditions for test cases


Organize testing artifacts in the same or different projects
Hierarchical test organization in folders and subfolders


Create, edit, clone and schedule test executions
Personalize and create Test run statuses


Track with progress bars on Test Execution/Cycles
Track requirement coverage/status directly on issues, as an attribute
Advanced Coverage Analysis
Built-in gadgets and reports
Custom gadgets and reports

Explore and evolve

Extensive query language (more than 30 JQL functions)
Built-in REST API


Email notifications
Use of Jira Issue Types
Test, Pre-Condition, Test set, Test execution, Test plan

Test environment

Analyse test results and requirement coverage per Test Environment

Agile integration

See Test Executions and Test Plans in Jira’s native Agile board along with their progress
CI Native Integrations
Team City
Detailed instructions for GitLab, Circle CI, Azure DevOps and others
Importing results
Cucumber, JUnit, NUnit, Robot framework, Behave, Selenium, Xamarin Test Cloud
Importing tests
Manual via Excel/CSV
JUnit, NUnit, Robot framework
Importing results from HP AL/QC 12.5x & Zephyr
Exporting Tests to fully customized DOC/PDF/Excel with Xporter
Integration with other Atlassian-related tools (e.g. Confluence)

Extra features

UI supported languages
English, German, French, Spanish
More languages
Support for Risk-Based Testing
Support for next-gen projects (cloud)
Mobile app for iOS and Android

Xray vs. Zephyr Scale Pricing

Xray Zephyr Scale


10 $10 $200
25 $600 $1,500
50 $1,400 $3,000
100 $2,750 $5,000
250 $5,500 $9,000
500 $8,500 $11,000
2000 $14,000 $19,000
10,000 $17,500 $35,000
over 10,000 $23,000 $65,000

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