Xray, a leading testing and quality assurance solutions provider, proudly announces the Xray Partner Awards 2023 winners. This recognition honors outstanding achievements within our global partner ecosystem, acknowledging those who have demonstrated exceptional expertise, collaboration, performance excellence, and dedication to our customers.

Building on the success of the first edition of Xray Partner Awards in 2022, this year's winners represent a selected group of Solution Partners who have consistently gone above and beyond in helping teams test early, often, and together.

This year, the Xray Partner Awards introduces two new categories - Best Marketing Initiative and Best Services - recognizing partners for their excellence in promoting Xray solutions and delivering outstanding customer services.

"The introduction of the Best Marketing Initiative and Best Services categories reflects our commitment to acknowledging the diverse contributions of our partners. These categories recognize not only technical proficiency but also the creativity and dedication shown in marketing efforts and service delivery", said João Mendonça, Head of Channels & Strategic Partnerships at Xray.

Please join us in congratulating our Xray Partner Awards 2023 winners! Their achievements in 2023 have set a high standard for the industry, and we are eager to see the impact they will make in the testing and quality assurance landscape throughout 2024.


Winners of the Xray 2023 Partner Awards



Partner of the Year: RadBee

RadBee is an Atlassian Solutions Partner helping Pharmaceutical and MedTech companies bring DevOps to regulated teams. They implement a Software Development Life Cycle/ Design Control flow that helps customers move forward quickly. Their customers achieve a lean flow that is documented and compliant.



Fastest Growing: Jodocus

Jodocus is a full-service provider for Atlassian Systems. Their team combines more than 25 years of experience in building and running the solutions their clients need. They’re Atlassian experts and know how to analyze and understand problems. Innovative and future-proof solutions are their passion and they always meet their customers at eye level.



Top-Selling Partner: Valiantys

Valiantys is the leading global consulting and services firm dedicated to Atlassian. They accelerate business transformation by digitizing processes and modernizing teamwork, using the best Agile methods and tools. Their Atlassian technical expertise is unparalleled, and they support their customers across the entire spectrum of their projects on those platforms.



Best in New Sales: Eficode

Eficode is the leading DevOps company in Europe, driving the DevOps movement across seven countries with ideas that put customer value and team satisfaction on center stage. Eficode has over 15 years of experience in helping companies perform better with their Atlassian tools and it has been chosen as the Atlassian Partner of the Year in DevOps for a second year in a row. Their community of more than 300 professionals is building the future of software development together.



Most Certified Consultants: Transition Technologies

Transition Technologies PSC belongs to the Transition Technologies Capital Group established in 1991 and has continuously expanded. Today they employ almost 2000 experts who develop and create state-of-the-art solutions for businesses. They provide services in areas such as Augmented Reality, PLM, IoT, Cloud, and Atlassian solutions.



Best Services: IWConnect

IWConnect is an IT consulting company with a mission to create outstanding value for its customers and empower them to Outsmart their Competition. They focus on integration solutions using MuleSoft, SnapLogic, TIBCO, AWS cloud, Microsoft technologies and provide outstanding QA testing, Business Support, and DevOps services. They can help you with the best productivity tools on the market.



Best Marketing Initiative: Swarmit

Swarmit is a Swiss Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with project management know-how. Their consultants and Atlassian experts combine their experience in project management and test management with technical skills. Test automation within state-of-the-art DevOps pipelines is one of their core disciplines.


As we celebrate the accomplishments of these partners, Xray expresses gratitude for their continuous support and contributions. The Xray Partner Awards 2023 winners truly exemplify the spirit of partnership and collaboration, driving innovation and success within the testing community.


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