Xray + TestRail: Transforming how teams work and deliver software

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Hey everyone! A month ago, TestRail's parent company, Idera, acquired Xray. The goals for bringing these best-in-class QA tools under the same roof are three-fold:

  1. Innovation: Combine some of the best minds in testing and QA to transform the way teams develop software;
  2. Velocity: Deliver cutting-edge tools that allow teams to deliver quality software as fast as they develop it;
  3. Flexibility: Empower teams to test and release quality software regardless of their scale or technology stack.


The same product managers and engineers who brought you two of the best platforms for test management and QA now work together. We can collaborate, develop and most importantly, invest in both tools to support the testing community.

Effective testing and QA processes don't happen by accident. Organizations need to (1) streamline the process of designing and capturing test results, (2) foster collaboration across teams, and (3) make QA native to the rest of the software development process. TestRail and Xray share a common background in delivering these results to our customers. Now, we can share insights and enhance the experience for TestRail and Xray customers even faster.



TestRail and Xray have a long list of technical integrations with leading test automation frameworks, build pipelines, and other software development tools. With your entire QA process unified in a test management platform like TestRail or Xray, you can release quality software as fast as your team develops it.

Both TestRail and Xray will lean further into this unified, high-visibility approach to test management as we advance together. Expect continued improvements that give you confidence in your team's development work and accelerate time to delivery.



Together, we support nearly 5 million users at more than 13,000 companies worldwide. We provide teams with unmatched QA tools regardless of their scale or technology stack.

Does your team prefer the Jira ecosystem? Xray is for you. Want a dedicated test management platform instead? TestRail fits your needs. Both teams will continue to provide easy-to-use, exceptional QA tools with award-winning support.


What happens now

The Xray team is thrilled to join TestRail under the Idera DevOps Tools umbrella. We will continue to offer Xray as a separate native test management solution for Jira. There are no changes to service, support, or points of contact between you and Xray or TestRail. 

Xray will continue to serve customers who value the Jira-native test management experience, while TestRail will provide test management for customers who prefer a dedicated test management platform. 

TestRail will continue to serve customers who need a dedicated test management tool, especially as we invest in the growth of TestRail Enterprise to support customers with complex test management requirements, no matter their scale.

Together, we are excited to promote the QA craft and help teams deliver high-quality products faster than ever before.

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