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The days of waterfall and siloed teams are gone. QA now works alongside development to release products faster and find bugs sooner. Agile transformations changed how companies work, bringing development and testing together and prioritizing quality. 

However, the current market and consumers demand higher levels of quality and faster releases. Companies can’t afford bugs, vulnerabilities, or critical issues. 

Quality is no longer a vision - it’s a necessity.


Introducing Xray Enterprise

Imagine your QA team testing less, covering more, and releasing faster all while delivering the highest quality software. This is all now possible with Xray Enterprise. 

Xray Enterprise is the next level of Native Quality Management—a way for teams to scale quality quickly and efficiently. 

With Xray Enterprise, you can optimize test cases that ensure up to 100% requirements coverage, so you never miss critical coverage. Automation is triggered directly from Xray - with the click of a button, so even non-technical users can perform automation. Reporting is done across all projects, so you always have full-scope visibility. Xray Enterprise Support escalates your needs with faster SLAs and a dedicated 24/7 support queue. 

Let’s explore how Xray Enterprise can help improve your quality standards.


Optimize your tests with Test Case Design

Have you ever wondered, "Which are the most important tests to perform?" or "What gaps in coverage do we have?" You can now find answers to these pressing questions and optimize your team's productivity. 

Eliminate gaps in test coverage and turn test scenarios into automated test scripts. The Test Case Designer is a test case design optimization tool integrated with Xray Enterprise. With the tool, you can generate tests that maximize critical testing coverage in as mathematically few test scenarios as possible. Test Case Designer takes a model-based approach to test design

With the tool, you can build your parameter models using a MindMap. Then, the rule-based AI algorithm generates optimized test scenarios, detailed coverage reports for modeling purposes, and various outputs to integrate with Xray Enterprise. The ease is in reducing the number of tests you need to perform since the tool automatically generates the most efficient scenarios to get you the highest percentage of coverage.



Trigger automated tests directly from Xray 

Stop the silo to automation and allow all team members to participate in test automation directly from Xray with just 1-click. Trigger remote jobs for automated tests directly from an Xray Test Plan or Test Execution to fully centralize your testing. Reduce wasted time and the overhead from switching between multiple tools by automating the test process and reporting results.

This feature supports the biggest CI/CD platforms, including Jenkins, Bamboo, Github, Gitlab, and more. Now you can perform automation efficiently and include non-technical users in automation with minimal setup. 



Create cross-project reports for full-release visibility 

With cross-project reporting, you can generate Xray native reports with issues from multiple projects. Now you can easily access all projects to create reports that span multiple projects. 

Oftentimes, you have multiple projects per product, breaking it down by features or functionalities. Now you can cross-reference and combine projects within a report to gain a full release overview with more comprehensive insights that range different projects. 

Gain control over your reporting and provide even more valuable insights to stakeholders. 



Take charge of your future with Xray Enterprise

Whether your goals are to release faster, perform more test automation, or have better coverage, Xray Enterprise puts quality, speed, and efficiency at the center of your needs. 

When your Quality Management system integrates as a part of your business and development, the focus is on the big picture – exploring new testing strategies, limiting risks, and delivering excellence. 

Innovation begins with change – take charge of your future with Native Quality Management that starts and ends with you.  

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