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There isn’t a single feature we don’t like in Xray. The tool is well-designed and easy to use.
- Gianni Pucciani, TCS Quality Assurance Specialist

About TCS

With over 1.5 million members, Touring Club Suisse is the largest mobility club in Switzerland. Founded in 1896, TCS provides assistance, road safety education and accident prevention to all travellers and vehicles along the entire Swiss road infrastructure.

The Challenge

TCS started using Xray when it rolled out its first Jira implementation. Before adopting Jira, they did not have test management tools, only bug trackers (Mantis and TeamForge).

They needed an affordable and easy-to-use tool that addresses their main pain points: re-usability of tests, traceability from requirements to defects, and coverage reporting.

The Solution

When TCS was looking for a test management tool for Jira, only two seemed to do what was intended. Price and design were the key points that directed TCS towards Xray.

The deployment started with Requirements, Development Tasks, Tests and Defects being managed in Jira.

Xray enabled TCS to manage their IT test cycles as well as User Acceptance Tests. They started with manual tests, but as the projects evolved, they now also use Cucumber automated tests.

Having the ability to separate the Test Definitions from the Test Executions is fundamental, as well as the coverage reporting capabilities. All these features, combined with a very responsive Xray support team and a clear product development roadmap make Xray very effective and in line with TCS needs.


With Xray, TCS is now able to manage all testing activities within a single tool that is integrated with their release management process. They saved time in Test Definition (through re-usability), Defect Analysis (through the link Defect-Test) and Reporting (no need to collect input data via email and aggregate test results from several Excel files).

Jira and Xray are used by Project Managers, Developers, Business Analysts, Ops and BI experts in the IT Department, as well as in the other Business Units.

Today, Xray is deployed in 15 Jira projects, executing anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand tests per release.

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