Top 5 Reasons Project and Jira Admins Love Xray for Test Management

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Every software development project requires a well-developed test management process – and every test management process requires the right tools.

If you decided to use Jira as your project management tool, add Xray to it.

Xray’s unique core characteristic is that it leverages Jira’s native features. Its Test, Pre-Condition, Test Set, (Sub) Test Execution and Test Plan are all Jira issue types. This means that testing artifacts are also managed in the same way as any other issue type you may have (e.g., Bug, Story).


Are you still wondering why project and Jira admins love Xray for Test Management?

Let's quickly examine a few characteristics:

  1. Organization
  2. Permissions
  3. Custom Fields
  4. Workflows
  5. Notifications



Projects can be organized in different ways, giving you the flexibility to manage all artifacts within the scope of one project or to split them between different projects.

Get more info on project organization capabilities.

Who wins?
Jira admins & Project admins



Deal with permissions the same way you deal with permissions in general for any issue in Jira. This simplifies and centralizes user and permission management.

Make your testing-related issues read-only as you do for any other issue type.

Who wins?

Jira admins


Custom Fields

You may add additional custom fields to any Xray issue and include them in the screens.

Custom fields, whenever used properly, provide additional information in a structured way to issues, so they can easily be accessed, searched and included in reports or even in Agile cards.

Who wins?

Jira admins & Project admins



You can implement workflows for testing-related artifacts (e.g., Tests, Test Executions) to have full control over the lifecycle of the test specification, execution or planning phases.

With workflows, you can even restrict the closing of requirements if they are not properly tested.

Who wins?

Jira admins & Project admins



Notify users using Notification Scheme — the Jira way of setting email notifications.

Users can get notified by email, the same way it happens for other issues, so they can be aware of testing-related events relevant to them.

Who wins?

Jira admins



Test management has always been a critical process in developing software products. In today’s fast-paced product-to-market flurry of activities, keeping all testing activities organized requires a powerful and robust tool.

Xray surely fits the bill.


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