Xray v3.0 came out about 3 months ago and now, we announce the Xray v3.1 release, a minor, yet quite significant, release focused on performance improvements in several areas, Test Run notifications, better navigability and enhanced UX.

Xray v3.1 also further improves the Test Repository and the Test Plan Board, introduced with Xray v3.0.

But there is much more, including great improvements for automation with the additional support for TestNG along with some enhancements for Cucumber.

With Xray v3.1, you will find:

Let’s explore together some of these features in more detail.

Performance Improvements

Xray v3.1 not only introduces several performance improvements in several reports, including the Traceability Report and the Test Plans Report, but also in some gadgets.

Better navigability, enhanced UX

Within Test Execution and Test Plan issues, now you can jump to a filtered list of the related Test issues right from the Overall Execution Status bar. You just need to click on the numbers specific to each status.

Most of the numbers show in “Test Executions Report”, “Test Plans Report” and in the “Overall Requirement Coverage Report” (in the drill-down of a bar chart) are now links to the related issues.

Test Run email notifications

A long-awaited feature are Test Run email notifications.

Now you can get notified or notify any relevant stakeholder(s) whenever a Test Run is assigned, when it status is changed or even if the precedent Test Run has been “finished”.

Test Run notifications are based on the Jira way of doing it, by using events and Notification Schemes.

A bunch of hierarchical related improvements

In the Test Repository and in the Test Plan Board it’s now possible to use a context action over a selected folder, or over some selected Tests, to view the related Test issues in the Issues search page, therefore enabling you to obtain the relevant Tests and do operations with them, if needed.

By the way, moving Tests to the Orphans meta-folder is as simple as using drag & drop.

You can create Test Executions from the Test Plan Board and inherit, by default, the planning dates.

TestNG support

A long awaited feature by Java teams was adding support for TestNG.

Now you can submit results from TestNG tests and get visibility of them in Jira and in the related requirements.

Similar to what is provided for other formats, two REST API endpoints for TestNG are now provided.

Enhanced Traceability Report

Besides performance improvements on this report, you may now see the hierarchical information of parent and sub-requirements (up to two levels).

We added built-in capabilities to make the Traceability Report now exportable to CSV, and include this hierarchical information of course.

If you want to see the list of new features being addressed by Xray v3.1, please give a look at our JIRA project here.

Read our Release Notes to check what’s new.

Check it also in the Atlassian Marketplace and give it a try!



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