Just two months after our great v2.1 release, we are few days to our next minor release be available to you: Xray v2.2!

In this release, we will address several demands from our customers, including:

  • Extensive details in Cucumber execution screen, including per step information;
  • Tests List gadget;
  • Xporter add-on integration enhancements namely for exposing Test Plans related info;
  • Structure  add-on integration enhancements, covering Pre-Conditions and Sub-Test Executions;
  • REST API improvements for exporting of test runs and of Cucumber features;
  • Reindex issues in the background.

I will explore in this blog post the first two improvements.

Highly detailed execution screen of Cucumber Tests

The execution screen of Cucumber Tests (i.e. Scenario/Scenario Outline) now contains information on all steps that were executed, including elapsed time and execution status.

Besides this, all the steps from associated Background(s) are also enumerated along with respective information.

Cucumber tests may have hooks; although hooks are more implementation related and not specification related, we also present them since they may give valuable information about the test run.

The new execution screen for a Scenario will be similar to the following one.


Or for a Scenario Outline…


As you may have noticed, we also now have in-context error logs. Great, isn’t it?

And we’re also going to add in-context attachments in a next version, so everything will be contextualized.

Tests List gadget

This new gadget will allow you to list the Tests you want and present information about their latest status for a given version and eventually for a given Test Environment.

Until version v2.1, you only could list a bunch of Tests and include the “TestRunStatus” custom field.

However, the “TestRunStatus” is a calculated field that shows you the latest status of the test for some version depending on some global behavior that you need to configure administratively.

Now, you can list the Tests and choose exactly how to analyze them as you do in the Tests project tab. This is awesome because you can now use this gadget to see the status of your Tests for the version you want and eventually have several gadgets for showing the results for the different Test Environments you’re running them on.


Learn more

If you want to see the list of new features being addressed by Xray v2.2.0, please give a look at our JIRA project here.

Stay tuned to our social channels, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, and also here in our blog for fresh news.

Happy testing 🙂


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