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Xray for JIRA Maven plugin does its debut

In order to make the integration in your Java Maven projects and Xray easier we have developed the Xray-Maven-Plugin. This brand new plugin enables you to upload your Tests directly to Xray with a single Maven Command.

The Plugin supports single or multi-module projects and multiple test frameworks. With the execution of a single maven target com.xpandit.xray:xray-maven-plugin:xray the plugin will upload the results of the tests to your Xray for JIRA instance.


Which are the properties you’ll find in this plugin

With this plugin, you’ll have available a wide range of properties that will help you on your test projects, such as:

  • Full URL of JIRA, including the relative path if it’s being used
  • Results format
  • Jira Username
  • JIRA Password
  • JIRA Project Key
  • Test Execution Issue ID
  • Test Plan Issue ID
  • Test Environment
  • Test Revision Issue ID
  • Folder with files .xml files or .xml file to be uploaded


For more detailed information about this plugin and technical support on how to use, please visit our Xray for JIRA documentation page and happy testing!




  • Hi David,

    The plugin is really interesting, especially to have automatic feedback from the CI pipeline directly into XRay.

    My concern is with the number of tests that will be created into JIRA at the end of the CI pipeline execution. In fact, if we choose to include our unit tests in JIRA, we might end up with thousands! Once created, we still need to quickly establish links between those tests and the corresponding user stories.

    Do you think we could invest on the Test Suite grouping ?
    My idea is to set the maven POM to import only test suites (using filters), and have XRay Maven plugin create a single test for each imported test suite (maybe some option can trigger this behavior)?
    One could imagine having multiple test suites for each user stories, grouping together positive tests, negative tests, etc… We can thus have a compromise between thousands of tests and just a single one!

    Thank you for your feedback
    Best regards

    • Hi Sherine,
      Thank you for using Xray.

      In automated testing use cases it is expected to have a large number of tests. We understand your concerns and we already have the following story:
      (the maven plugin uses the JUnit import functionality of Xray)

      Once this is implemented, you should be able to automatically map tests to requirements.

      I can see that you already have a support ticket regarding this issue. If you have any more questions our support team will answer them there.

      Best regards,
      Xpand Add-ons Team

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