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Xpand IT Joins the Pledge 1% Movement

This year, we embraced the prized cause of Pledge 1%, a philanthropy model where companies pledge 1% of equity, product and employee time for the community. In our company, we’re proud to have kind and smart minds and this initiative aligns with our company values. Because we are a “team that aims to change the … Continued

Being a Success Case to Atlassian

The Portuguese are known for being explorers for over 600 years, giving to the known world “new worlds”, and this is something that is in our blood. Atlassian ecosystem was a brand new world that Xpand IT, through its Xpand Add-ons business unit, started to explore in 2012 by developing a solution to export information from JIRA into … Continued

Farewell Barcelona! See you in San Jose…

Yes, Barcelona was great! What an Atlassian Summit, with major news from Atlassian in all areas, an interested crowd during the event and we had a blast with a team being what knows best: Excel its boundaries every single day!   To sum up, this was our feeling of Atlassian Summit in Barcelona during the … Continued

Xray v2.1 is out! Here are four features that you can’t miss

Xray v2.1 is out! Here are four features that you can’t miss! For example new enhancements and bug fixes. The Xray for Jira team announces the release of Xray v2.1. Version 2.1 contains lots of new features as well as bug fixes.   Xray v2.1 Tests Manual Tests enhancements Test Plan enhancements Test Sets   Don’t forget … Continued

Xray v2.1 – Integration with Structure add-on

Sneak peek of Integration with Structure The sneak peek about Xray 2.1 is here! Before we get into details about the integration, lets talk a bit about Structure. If you already know this plugin, you can move to the next section. Structure is a very well-known add-on that allows the customers to organize issues into … Continued