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5 Tips for Using Test Sets

A Test Set is a way to logically group Tests. Basically, it is a list of Tests and is the basis for Test organisation in Xray. Have you discovered its full potential? 1. Requirements coverage You can cover your requirements with Tests by linking them using the “tested by” issue link. You can do the … Continued

Implement Continuous Integration easily with TeamCity and Xray

Every now and then, customers ask us for additional support for new CI tools. Currently, Xray provides two free add-ons for Bamboo and Jenkins. These add-ons interact with Xray using its built-in REST API. Even if you’re not using these tools, it’s quite easy to submit your automated test results from other tools, including TeamCity. … Continued

5 Tips for Manual Tests using Xray

Xray can be used for manual and automated testing. For both types of testing, there are so many features that is easy to miss some. With this post, I would like to take you to look at 5 interesting features for manual testing that may turn your life easier. 🙂   1. “Manual Test Steps (Export)” … Continued

Understanding Requirement and Test statuses

Requirement coverage analysis is a key aspect in Xray A requirement may be either covered by one or multiple Tests. In fact, the status of a given requirement goes way further than the basic covered/not covered information: it will take into account your test results. As soon as you start running your Tests, the individual test … Continued

Working with sub-requirements in Xray

Requirements and sub-requirements Sometimes a given feature may be decomposed in multiple individual and granular parts, each one delivering a subset of value. Generally speaking, a given requirement may be decomposed in multiple sub-requirements, each one covered by one or more Tests. If you’re familiar with Agile, you’ll know that Epics and User Stories map … Continued

Automated tests with Jenkins

Xray for Jira automated tests with Jenkins Following the segment initiated with Bamboo, in this article we will show you how you can automate your tests using Jenkins and our Xray for Jira. In Xray, Automated Tests are executed by an external tool, which controls the test executions and the comparison of actual outcomes and the … Continued