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Shift-Left and Shift-Right Testing Strategies

With the rise of DevOps movement, there is an increased focus on delivering automated, continuous improvement. Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are core software development disciplines that are part of an Agile software development cycle. The idea is to release fully-tested and stable builds early and as often as possible. Automation, specifically automated … Continued

Testing in offline mode using Xray and Excel

You may think that users always have access to internet and intranet resources but unfortunately, that is not the case. There are scenarios where testers go out to the field and execute their testing in places without or with restricted connectivity. They may not have access to the enterprise Jira server due to lack of VPN … Continued

Top 3 Software Testing Trends: 2018 and Beyond

It seems like yesterday was January and today is already March. What happened to February? Time is flying by and business is changing at the same speed. These are exciting times for anyone in IT. Software testers, in particular, will have new challenges! So, what can we expect not just in 2018 but in the coming … Continued

Xray Story

Last November 28, Xpand IT took center stage at the TESTING Portugal Conference in Lisbon to share the story behind the creation of Xray and its impressive rise to become the company’s top-selling Test Management App for Jira.   1. History The story dates back to 2012: PT (Portugal Telecom, now Altice Labs) needed a … Continued

5 Tips for Using Test Sets

A Test Set is a way to logically group Tests. Basically, it is a list of Tests and is the basis for Test organisation in Xray. Have you discovered its full potential? 1. Requirements coverage You can cover your requirements with Tests by linking them using the “tested by” issue link. You can do the … Continued

Xray V3.0: Three or Tree?

Our team has been working hard to achieve its next major milestone: the release Xray version 3.0! With v3.0, we aim to address some highly requested features, including: Ranking of Tests within the Test Plan Testing Evolution/Progress, from the Tests’ point-of-view Hierarchical Tests organization The last one, and the most complex was implemented as two … Continued