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Xray v3.1. What’s new?

Xray v3.0 came out about 3 months ago and now, we announce the Xray v3.1 release, a minor, yet quite significant, release focused on performance improvements in several areas, Test Run notifications, better navigability and enhanced UX. Xray v3.1 also further improves the Test Repository and the Test Plan Board, introduced with Xray v3.0. But there is much … Continued

Xray V3.0: Three or Tree?

Our team has been working hard to achieve its next major milestone: the release Xray version 3.0! With v3.0, we aim to address some highly requested features, including: Ranking of Tests within the Test Plan Testing Evolution/Progress, from the Tests’ point-of-view Hierarchical Tests organization The last one, and the most complex was implemented as two … Continued

Xray v2.1 is out! Here are four features that you can’t miss

Xray v2.1 is out! Here are four features that you can’t miss! For example new enhancements and bug fixes. The Xray for Jira team announces the release of Xray v2.1. Version 2.1 contains lots of new features as well as bug fixes.   Xray v2.1 Tests Manual Tests enhancements Test Plan enhancements Test Sets   Don’t forget … Continued

Import Cucumber Tests with Xray v2.1

Now is possible to migrate your Cucumber tests Like we said in our article Manual Tests with Test Case Importer, with Xray v2.1 you will be able to import Cucumber Scenario and Scenario Outlines from existing Cucumber .feature files. Yes, really! This feature will allow you to migrate your existing Cucumber tests to JIRA and to … Continued