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Xray v3.1. What’s new?

Xray v3.0 came out about 3 months ago and now, we announce the Xray v3.1 release, a minor, yet quite significant, release focused on performance improvements in several areas, Test Run notifications, better navigability and enhanced UX. Xray v3.1 also further improves the Test Repository and the Test Plan Board, introduced with Xray v3.0. But there is much … Continued

Implement Continuous Integration easily with TeamCity and Xray

Every now and then, customers ask us for additional support for new CI tools. Currently, Xray provides two free add-ons for Bamboo and Jenkins. These add-ons interact with Xray using its built-in REST API. Even if you’re not using these tools, it’s quite easy to submit your automated test results from other tools, including TeamCity. … Continued

Xray v2.3 – Sneak Peek

Xray v2.2 came out about one month ago and now, we are about to release Xray v2.3, a minor release focused on improvements that will address some of the needs you have reported to us. With Xray v2.3, you will find: New Test Runs Report New Test Runs List gadget Export metric-oriented reports to CSV … Continued

Xray v2.2 is around the corner… what you can expect?

Just two months after our great v2.1 release, we are few days to our next minor release be available to you: Xray v2.2! In this release, we will address several demands from our customers, including: Extensive details in Cucumber execution screen, including per step information; Tests List gadget; Xporter add-on integration enhancements namely for exposing Test … Continued

Import Cucumber Tests with Xray v2.1

Now is possible to migrate your Cucumber tests Like we said in our article Manual Tests with Test Case Importer, with Xray v2.1 you will be able to import Cucumber Scenario and Scenario Outlines from existing Cucumber .feature files. Yes, really! This feature will allow you to migrate your existing Cucumber tests to JIRA and to … Continued