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Xray v2.1 – Importing JUnit XML reports

Latest sneak peek about Importing JUnit XML reports JUnit is used massively in the Java world but not only. In fact, many testing frameworks are using JUnit XML reports as the “de facto standard” report format. Xray for JIRA now gives you the possibility to import those JUnit test results into JIRA. You can directly … Continued

Automated tests with Jenkins

Xray for Jira automated tests with Jenkins Following the segment initiated with Bamboo, in this article we will show you how you can automate your tests using Jenkins and our Xray for Jira. In Xray, Automated Tests are executed by an external tool, which controls the test executions and the comparison of actual outcomes and the … Continued

Automated tests with Bamboo

Xray for Jira automated tests with a CI Platform – Bamboo Many customers have been asking us for a simple way to integrate Xray in a Continuous Integration Platform. By doing this, bugs are identified and fixed on a regular basis and quicker time-to-market is achieved. In this article, we are going to show you … Continued