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Xray for JIRA brings add-on for Bamboo

We’ve just released an add-on for Bamboo! It brings an easy integration between Bamboo and Xray for JIRA, along with the means for successful Continuous Integration. As we had covered in previous articles, integrating Xray in a Continuous Integration scenario is an important aspect towards the improvement of software quality; bugs are identified and fixed on a … Continued

Implement Continuous Integration easily with TeamCity and Xray

Every now and then, customers ask us for additional support for new CI tools. Currently, Xray provides two free add-ons for Bamboo and Jenkins. These add-ons interact with Xray using its built-in REST API. Even if you’re not using these tools, it’s quite easy to submit your automated test results from other tools, including TeamCity. … Continued

Automated tests with Bamboo

Xray for Jira automated tests with a CI Platform – Bamboo Many customers have been asking us for a simple way to integrate Xray in a Continuous Integration Platform. By doing this, bugs are identified and fixed on a regular basis and quicker time-to-market is achieved. In this article, we are going to show you … Continued