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New reporting features in upcoming Xray v2.1

We are close to releasing a new version of Xray!

Xray v2.1 will be out soon and will bring new type of reports to help you manage your testing better and obtain better insights on the quality of your software.

Xray for JIRA already supports different ways of making reports but we are aware that we have room for great improvements on this topic. And, although our aim is not to make a complex BI like tool, we want to deliver great reporting natively: built into Xray.

Reporting is an essential part of Test Management. Therefore, Xray v2.1 will bring some very useful reports, such as the long awaited Traceability Report.

This allows you to analyze requirements, track associated tests and defects created in the context of executions.

prtsc traceability report2
Real example of Traceability Report
Would you like more details on these new features? Find out here what we have planned for Reports in the upcoming version of Xray.

This is just what’s around the corner.

We are always thinking about how can we improve what we already have but we’re also looking one step ahead.

Keep on top of our progress by checking our Backlog and see what we’d like to fix for upcoming versions, based on the feedback from our customers. As an example, you may find the “Test evolutiongadget, a report aimed to that show us a chart showing the evolution of status of tests.

testevolution xray
Backlog story: “As a user, I can use a “Tests evolution” gadget”
And because your opinion is important for us, we ask you to visit the backlog, vote and leave feedback in the most interesting user stories for you. We do believe that by collaborating with us is the best way to make a better add-on that fits your needs.

Have any questions about the upcoming version? Let us know!

We keep working hard every day but customer feedback helps us shaping priorities. We count on you!


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