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Xray v2.3 – Sneak Peek

Xray v2.2 came out about one month ago and now, we are about to release Xray v2.3, a minor release focused on improvements that will address some of the needs you have reported to us. With Xray v2.3, you will find: New Test Runs Report New Test Runs List gadget Export metric-oriented reports to CSV … Continued

eazyBI – Xray Integration

Now you can import Xray’s data into eazyBI! We believe that we are great by being greater together. Thus, we provide and foster integrations with popular and powerful add-ons, such as Structure, and now also with the famous eazyBI add-on. eazyBI is a powerful add-on for JIRA Server and JIRA Cloud, providing easy-to-use drag-and-drop creation … Continued

New reporting features in upcoming Xray v2.1

We are close to releasing a new version of Xray! Xray v2.1 will be out soon and will bring new type of reports to help you manage your testing better and obtain better insights on the quality of your software. Xray for JIRA already supports different ways of making reports but we are aware that … Continued