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Being a Success Case to Atlassian

The Portuguese are known for being explorers for over 600 years, giving to the known world “new worlds”, and this is something that is in our blood. Atlassian ecosystem was a brand new world that Xpand IT, through its Xpand Add-ons business unit, started to explore in 2012 by developing a solution to export information from JIRA into … Continued

Farewell Barcelona! See you in San Jose…

Yes, Barcelona was great! What an Atlassian Summit, with major news from Atlassian in all areas, an interested crowd during the event and we had a blast with a team being what knows best: Excel its boundaries every single day! To sum up, this was our feeling of Atlassian Summit in Barcelona during the first … Continued

Barcelona here we go!

Could you imagine an Atlassian Summit without us? Of course not! Xray and Xporter teams will be at the first European Atlassian Summit, in Barcelona, during May 2nd and 3rd to give you a complete update of all new incredible features and developments we’ve been working on. Also, you’ll have the chance to mingle with our gurus … Continued

Xray v2.1 – Import Manual Tests with Test Case Importer

Test Case Importer for Manual Tests Xray v2.1 is almost here and it brings some excellent news concerning importing manual tests. Until, and including, Xray v2.0 it was possible to import Tests, either Manual or other, using JIRA’s native CSV importer plugin (JIM) available under JIRA’s administration in System => External System Import. Although it worked just … Continued